HP's Latest Netbook using Google's Android Operating System

Computer vendor Hewlett Packard (HP) will release a new netbook which uses Google's Android operating system. So far, better known as Android operating system for smart phone platforms. HP netbook will be named Airlife Compaq 100 using 10.1-inch screen size. Airlife compaq specification of Solid State 16 GB internal storage. As for processors, Compaq also uses the same processor with the Qualcomm Snapdragon iPad.

Airlife Compaq will support the connection 802.11 Wi-Fi and 3G. For the first time this netbook will dibundling with original Spanish telecommunications operator, Telefonica. Cooperation they have done since 2009 ago."Airlife Compaq is the latest evolution in the world of mobile computers," said Charl Snyman, General Manager of HP Personal Systems Group in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). This netbook will also be equipped with GPS. Airlife battery capability is claimed to survive up to 12 hours. Unfortunately, until now, HP would not disclose exactly who will dibanderol price for the Netbook. In the near future netbooks will soon be marketed in Europe.

Innovation in Laptop Technology is Truly Amazing

Innovation in computer technology is truly amazing and is proven by the development of supporting hardware such as memory, hard drives, monitors and so on. This innovation has created a laptop computer that can be operated 8 hours served until 13 hours. With a battery capacity that can last a long time, making users more comfortable when you are outside the room when the activity is appropriate and laptops used by those who have a high mobility of the reporters covering the news. Laptop that can be operated in a long time is certainly very attractive to users and they do not have to charge the battery when you are outside the room. Laptop battery has the ability to survive this long carried by sony and samsung, in which two laptop manufacturers are competing to create a laptop that can last long.

Tramadol Can Quickly Treat Pain in the Body

Experiencing pain is not fun, especially if the pain was so strong and continuing. It was tortured when the pain in our body is not quickly resolved. Overcome the pain in our bodies we can do by using Tramadol, Tramadol which is a strong analgesic acting on opiate receptors that bind to the receptor stereospecific in the central nervous system that will block the sensation and response to pain that occurs on the body. It also would inhibit Tramadol neurotransmitter release from afferent nerves sensitive to stimuli and the consequent pain impulses in our bodies will be inhibited. Tramadol is very effective for treating any acute pain, chronic severe, and healing after surgery. With the buy tramadol will enable you to overcome the pain quickly and naturally to give comfort to us during the recovery process.

All drugs have side effects, of course, and this varies depending on the type of drugs we use, side effects of tramadol in the use of long-term dependence can occur, so we should consult with your doctor to determine how long treatment in the process of healing your pain. Common side effects occurred in the user Tramadol as dizziness, sedation, fatigue, headache, pruritus, sweating, flushed skin, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting. Dyspepsia and obstipasi. Some other side effects from the use of Tramadol as to reduce the patient's reaction speed when driving a car or operate machinery. Tramadol also not be given to people with drug dependence, head trauma patients, people with kidney disorders and liver function are severe or bronchial hypersecretion, because it can lead to increased risk of convulsions or shock.

The use Tramadol dose we need to consider to avoid the risk that we do not want. As you may really need a Tramadol but not knowing where to buy tramadol, Tramadol can be found at the center of a licensed online pharmacy in tramadolbluebook which provides a dose of 50 mg Tramadol at low prices in accordance with the desired number of tablets. Tramadol tablet can you buy without a prescription with a simple process. By using Tramadol you are expected to suffer pain can be treated quickly and restore normal activity of your life again.

Lenovo's New ThinkPad With 2 LCD Screens

Lenovo's New ThinkPad With 2 LCD Screens
Consist of two tabs or screens open, wishing we could have two screens on our laptop so we didn't have to keep switching back and forth between windows. The company's next ThinkPad laptop is more of a "desktop replacement" than ever. ThinkPad W700ds a follow-on to the standard W700 model we evaluated and have a 17-inch main screen and a 10.6-inch secondary. The former is a bit larger than the a mainstream 15.4" display. The W700ds' secondary 10.6-in. vertical screen is about the size of a typical netbook display, Lenovo said, or about 40% the size of the W700ds' primary 17-in. display. It can also be tilted up to 30 degrees like a car's rearview mirror. The W700ds also includes a built-in WACOM digitizer, also called an electronic drawing pad, and color calibration software. Despite its power and weight, Williams claimed that the W700ds runs "incredibly cool" because of the use of dual fans and dual-heat reduction systems.

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